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Full Service Well Drilling

Wm. Langin & Son your company for complete well drilling services, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Rotary and Air Hammer Drilling
  • New and Replacement Wells
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Chlorinated Flushing


We have the equipment and expertise to do your job right and on a reasonable schedule. Our rotary and air hammer drills are capable for large diameter water supply wells with bedrock aquifers and for smaller, rural wells.

Flushing and Testing

We flush all new wells we drill with chlorine to disinfect for dangerous bacteria and to fight iron build-up and hydrogen sulfide odours.

We test our wells' gallons per minute, which checks each well’s water pumping level, water draw and recovery. This includes inspection of pumps and your equipment above ground.

Geothermal Wells

Wm. Langin & Son Ltd. drills supply wells for your geothermal heat pump system. Ground water temperatures stay constant throughout the year so these wells are efficient and environmentally friendly.

We drill one well into the aquifer to draw up water into your geothermal heat pump’s heat exchanger. Then we drill a return well, which circulates the water used in the geothermal heat pump cycle back into the aquifer, forming a continuous and self-renewing heating and cooling system.

Well Drilling Truck
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